Energy efficient

Enterprise computing has majored on ‘more’. More RAM. More processor speed. More storage. But it’s come at a price: more electricity cost, more heat generated and more carbon emitted.

We’ve re-imagined enterprise computing equipment from the ground up, drawing inspiration from mobile computing, whose emphasis on ‘less’ has driven innovation in brilliant and creative ways.

We’ve developed a whole collection of breakthrough technology innovations to deliver the world’s most energy efficient enterprise computing devices. Or, if you prefer: more good for less bad.

Innovative features

Energy efficiency is important but it’s not the whole story. Reliability, manageability, reporting and usability are also vital.

We’ve come up with some brilliant feature innovations that set our products apart. Inventions so helpful and intuitive they’ll make you say, “Why has no-one thought of that before?”

Many enterprise computing devices are locked away in machine rooms and data centers. Perhaps that’s why so much of it is pretty uninspiring. It’s as if the equipment that keeps enterprises running is considered less important than the shiny front-of-house gadgets. We beg to differ; that’s why we’ve put so much effort into innovating really useful new features into our enterprise computing product lines.