Q: When will SoftIron launch its first products?

A: We launched the APM6408 series server motherboards in June 2014. More ultra efficient energy innovation coming later this year.

Q: Just how energy efficient are SoftIron's servers?

A: Spectacularly low. World-beatingly low. The energy requirements will barely flicker above the line when idle (which is most of the time for a lot of servers). As far as normal usage is concerned, let’s just say we’re seeing average wattages in single digits in our development labs. We’ll publish full benchmarking data in due course.

Q: How green are SoftIron's products?

A: We are committed to producing genuinely earth-friendly products across our range. The world-beating ultra low energy footprint of our products means less energy gets burnt and less greenhouse gas emitted. Our products do not contain toxic substances; they incorporate recycled materials, and they are designed to be recyclable. We think you will struggle to find a greener enterprise computing product on the market.

Q: How can I get my hands on a SoftIron low energy server?

A: A good place to start is by signing up for our information service, so we can keep you posted with progress and let you know new innovations. Sign up here >>>