Executive Team

Norman Fraser,
PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Co-founded and led successful international technology businesses, including Vocalis (IPO LSE) and Endava (Deloitte Fast 50, Global Services 100). He is a Visiting Fellow at Henley Business School.

Mark Chen,
Chief Scientist

An elite software engineer, he was Security Architect for Intuit, where he designed the world’s first online banking solution. He has contributed to several Internet security standards. He was CTO and co-founder (with Phil Straw) of Securify  and dotFX.

Gary Preston,
VP Hardware

Engineer and Chief Engineer roles for Marconi, Racal & Riva. Worldwide Applications Manager at 3Com. Senior management roles at WISchip, Micronas, and Silicon Optix.

Nigel Bridges,
Chief Operating
Has over 25 years senior leadership experience in technology and professional services in roles including Divisional Director, Managing Director, COO and CEO at LMBS, Logica, Endava and Whitespace.

Rob Lewis,
Chief Finance Officer

Started life as a consulting engineer.  Went on to international strategic and performance improvement consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He holds EMBA degrees from London Business School and Columbia Business School.

Our Story


Teamwork – that’s what it’s all about. Our people have worked together in a number of great ventures, so we’re a seasoned team. Some of us have been collaborating continuously for as long as 15 years. We’ve got serious history together, and some serious achievements to show for it.

So we’re really excited to be able to do it again: to turn our dissatisfaction with IT’s status quo into positive action: using technology to make technology better.

It’s not easy to rethink core assumptions from the ground up. But we’ve put our heads together and over a period of years we’ve figured out how to deliver game-changing innovation in IT’s heartland: the enterprise.

Now we’re almost ready to go. SoftIron will unveil its first amazing product lineup in Spring 2014, with more world-beating products to follow later in the year.

SoftIron is positioning to revolutionise enterprise IT, offering unrivalled products that can:

  • radically cut total cost of ownership of IT equipment
  • dramatically reduce IT’s negative impact on the environment
  • introduce brilliant new features to simplify and enhance core operations

It’s all about teamwork: solving problems together. If you’d like to stay in touch with what we’re doing, and be amongst the first to participate in the SoftIron efficiency revolution, then please sign up here >>>