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SoftIron announces forthcoming launch of lowest energy enterprise computing devices

SoftIron is pleased to announce that in 2014 it will be unveiling a range of ARM servers that deliver robust enterprise computing performance for less than 10 watts per server fully loaded. That’s way less than the best of the rest consume on standby.

SoftIron has radically re-thought the technology basis of nterprise computing, challenging the assumption that massive waste is unavoidable. Using the latest methods and technologies, and incorporating a substantial body of unique and proprietary invention, SoftIron has developed a range of enterprise computing products that both run and idle with order of magnitude greater efficiency than current best-of-breed competitors.

This kind of radical energy saving is substantially greater than the savings of low energy lightbulbs over conventional bulbs. We believe it will forever change the economics of  omputing. The Energy Star organisation observes that “Standard computer servers can consume between 1,200-8,600 kWh annually.” SoftIron makes servers that consume less than 100 kWh annually. These savings fall straight to the bottom line.

Up to now, the total cost of ownership of servers has been measured in multiples of the original capital cost of the equipment. With SoftIron, the purchase cost – which is comparable to more inefficient competitor models – is most of the total cost of ownership. In fact, we expect the annual energy costs of some of our enterprise servers to be less than $10.00.

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